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Upcoming Events

Midwest Boykin Club Social/Training Seminars/Club Trial

Saturday-Sunday, June 3-4, 2017

9:00AM – 3:00PM


JUNE 3rd - Please join the membership of the Midwest Boykin Spaniel Club on Saturday June 3rd at 9am for our annual get together and membership meeting. The location will be Phil and Karen Hinchman’s property at: 3839 S State Rd 9, Greenfield, IN 46140. 


Lunch: The Club will furnish the meat and drinks. Please bring your favorite dish for lunch. Bring your Boykin, family and come enjoy the day. We will probably wrap it up around 3-4pm


Activities: will consist of mini training seminars on land and water put on by Phil Hinchman.  You will get hands on experience with your dog.  Bring your questions or any issues you are having with your dogs and get hands on assistance. 


JUNE 4th - we will be holding a club trial on Sunday at 7722 E 400 S, Morristown.  It’s the location that our Upland hunt test was held at in the past, about 6 miles from the Hinchman's house.  We will offer Novice, Intermediate and Open Classes.  1st, 2nd and 3rd place ribbons will be awarded in each class.  We will follow the rules of the Boykin Spaniel Retriever Nationals,  you can find the rules on the Boykin Spaniel Society website.  Last year everyone seemed to enjoy it. 




Super 8 - 317-462-8899


Country Inn & Suites - 317-467-0999


Quality Inn - 317-462-7112




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Boykin Spaniel Society

Boykin Spaniel Forum

University of MN -EIC


Paw Print Genetics - genetic testing for EIC, CEA and DM




Feb 2015 Newsletter




Membership Meeting Minutes

June 6, 2015





Health Testing Guidelines according to BSS Code of Ethics

Eye CERF - after 8 weeks old, must be done by an ACVO board certified
ophthalmologist vet, then send your paperwork to OFA for CERF number - Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

Heart CERF - after 1yr old, can be done by general practioner vet, send paperwork to OFA for OFA numbers - Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

OFA HIPS - done after your dog is 2 yrs old, send paperwork to OFA for OFA number - Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

PATELLA - exam can be done by your vet then send in form to OFA

Genetic Tests

EIC - if your breeder doesn't perform this health check, can be done anytime by your vet by blood sample or by cheek swaps, send to Univ of MN for results - Exercise Induced Collapse - CVM - VDL, University of Minnesota

CEA/CH - Collie Eye - done at Optigen or Paw Print Genetics

DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) - can be done at Paw Print Genetics, DDC Labs or OFA


Training Resources

Recommended Reading

Tri-Tronics Retriever Training by Jim and Phyllis Dobbs  -  gundogsonline.com 

DVD – Game Dog with Charles T Journey - using the techniques from Richard A Wolters. 
Evan Graham's Smarkworks - http://www.rushcreekpress.com

Finished Dog - by Charles Journey

This book is awesome and very easy to understand.  Learn how to read your dog.

Mike Lardy's Total Retriever Training - book and DVD  - www.totalretriever.com  

Puppy Training Guideline



7 – 12 weeks


Hallway training at least 3-4 times a week.   Each session should only be 5-6 retrieves or until the pup looses interest.  At this point training should be fun for the puppy.  Always make the puppy bring it back to you.  Never chase the puppy to get the bumper.


Crate Training – Kennel command – if you feed your pup in its crate it makes learning this command easy




Leash training


Birds – pup should have birds at least once every week to keep their excitement up.  You can use wings, frozen birds or live ones (quail)


3 - 6 months






             Come or Here



 6 – 12 months



             Whistle training


             Deliver to hand


             Force Fetch (8-10 months)





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